Nine Kinds of Happy – radio airplay

Nine Kinds of Happy is receiving airplay at 136 stations and counting! An especially big thank you to the following:

WVIA, Pittston, PA – Charting at #1 !!
KLCZ, Lewiston, ID – Charting at #6
WDCV, Carlisle, PA – Charting at #15
WHWS, Geneva, NY – Charting at #15
WRSU, New Brunswick, NJ – Charting at #27

KNDS, Fargo, ND - heavy rotation
KTRM, Kirksville, MO - heavy rotation
WTHS, Holland, MI - heavy rotation
WWSU, Dayton, OH - heavy rotation



July 2014 - Update

What’s in a name? Last Charge of the Light Horse. Any why pick a name that’s so hard to remember? Last Charge of the Light Horse. In 2003, after the breakup of yet another band, I decided to stop naming the groups, and name the journey instead. Last Charge of the Light Horse. Because I’m still on the same journey I began in high school, even if I’m sharing the road with a different set of fellow travelers. Last Charge of the Light Horse. Partly a nod to George Harrison and his label Dark Horse records, and to Peter Weir’s film Gallipoli. I was born in the year of the horse. More than one friend has persistently suggested that I should use my own name. But this is about the songs, not the songwriter. The journey, not the traveler. Last Charge of the Light Horse. A reminder to myself not to hold anything back.

Currently, in summer of 2014, I’m nearing completion of a new recording called Nine Kinds of Happy. Unlike Curve, on which I played most of the instruments myself and then asked a few friends to add their unique flavors to the mix, Nine Kinds of Happy features the playing of my very excellent stage mates Shawn Murray, Bob Stander, and Pemberton Roach. Jim Watt and Pam Aronoff have added some lovely backing vocals, and Chris Marshak helped me out with some slightly unorthodox percussion. Stay tuned for an official release date, and keep an eye on Soundcloud for a bonus track that won’t be on the CD.

For those of you on Long Island, Shawn, Bob, Pem, and I will be playing at the Live@Deepwell’s summer concert on July 12th, along with three other fantastic bands. Bring a lawn chair or a blanket. We’ll see you there!

— Jean-Paul


Grammy winners!

Congratulations to Last Charge lead guitarist Bob Stander and drummer Shawn Murray for the much-deserved recognition of their work on "All About Bullies… Big and Small," winner of the 2011 Grammy award for Best Children's Album.


Curve radio airplay

Curve is receiving airplay at 158 stations and counting! An especially big thank you to the following:

WMUR, Milwaukee, WI – Charting at #3
WSIA, Staten Island, NY – Charting at #9
KTCV, Kennewick, WA – Charting at #11
WVUR, Valparaiso, IN – Charting at #11
KMSC, Moorhead, MN – Charting at #12
WCCX, Waukesha, WI – Charting at #13
WLJS, Jacksonville, AL – Charting at #15
KWTS, Canyon, TX – Charting at #29
WCVF, Fredonia, NY – Charting at #22
WUMM, Machias, ME – Charting at #27

KMNR, Rolla, MO – #2 ADD
KWTS, Canyon, TX - #2 ADD
WMLU, Farmville, VA - #2 ADD
WVYC, York, PA - #4 ADD
WXIN, Providence, RI - #2 ADD

WBWC, Berea, OH - heavy rotation
WGBK, Glenview, IL - heavy rotation
WPTS, Pittsburgh, PA - heavy rotation
WSBF, Clemson, SC - heavy rotation
WUMM, Machias, ME – heavy rotation




The podcast of our November 2nd show at Deepwell's Mansion has been posted on the Acoustic Long Island website. You can also listen on iTunes.


New EP - Curve

It's done! The 5-song EP Curve was recorded at home and mixed at moxymusic in Los Angeles by my good friend (and Grammy-winning recording engineer) Jim Watts. Lots of people chipped in on this one: In addition to the mixing, Jim added some percussion, guitar, omnichord, and backing vocals. Pam Aronoff at moxymusic added some beautiful harmonies. Chris Marshak helped me out with some drums for the closing song. Jon Preddice added some sweet trumpet parts. And Aaron Palmadessa helped me work out one of the arragements at his studio. Mastering was done by our friends Gene and Joel at G&J Audio. And the cool cover illustration was done by Tony Ingrisano.



Click on the Store link above to check out the new Last Charge merch page. For those of you who have been asking me about t-shirts, this is where you can get them!



We've been fortunate to have some great artists help us out with artwork for our album covers. Tony Ingrisano is letting us use one of his pieces for the cover of our forthcoming 2011 EP Curve (release date TBA), Rami Efal painted the cover for Fractures, and Tom McKee did the art for Getaway Car.

Digital Single - This is Where

Our single This is Where is available for dowload at iTunes, cdbaby, and various other sites. It was recorded and mixed by Bob Stander at Parcheesi Studios, and features Shawn Murray on drums, Bob Stander on lead guitar and bass, and JP on guitar and vocals.

Guest Appearances

Bob Stander and I both contributed some guitar to the forthcoming Miles to Dayton release Pass It On. M2D are one of my favorite bands, so be sure to check out their music! I also sang on the recent Paradiddle Records holiday release War Is Over.

Fractures radio airplay

A great big sloppy THANK YOU! goes out to the following stations:

WSCW Worcester MA (Charted at #1 !!)
WCVM Morrisville NY (Charted at #1 !!)
WBKE North Manchester IN (Charted at #4)
WECS Willimantic CT (#1 ADD, Charted at #6)
WDTS Georgetown DE (#3 ADD, Charted at #9)
WUPX Marquette MI (Charted at #11)
WMLU Farmville VA (Charted at #12)
KMNR Rolla MO (Charted at #13)
KCAC East Camden AR (Charted at #16)
WMCR Monmouth IL (Charted at #20)
WUTS Sewanee TN (#4 ADD, Charted at #22)
KWCR Ogden UT (Charted at #24)
KDWG Dillon MT (#4 ADD, Charted at #24)
WAIH Potsdam NY (Charted at #25)

WUMM Machias ME (#3 ADD)
WMVL Purchase NY (#2 ADD)
M3 Radio New York NY (#5 ADD)
KKSM San Marcos CA (#5 ADD)