Our newest CD, Nine Kinds of Happy is finally done! Listen to it on Soundcloud,
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Best Independent Album of 2014 The Daily Vault, Jason Warburg (review)
Nine Kinds of Happy…is a rarity these days: a creative, musically and sonically intriguing album by essentially a conventional rock band. WVIA, George Graham

“Nine Kinds of Happy kicks off with ‘This is Where’…and no matter what happens next, you are and will always be in love with this band.”
Skope, RJ Frometa

“I just can’t stop hitting the repeat button.”
Musicexistence.com, Michelle Lopez

“Damn, Vest was made for this craft. Nine Kinds of Happy is the type of collection you wish your favorite singers would put out before they succumbed to the million dollar paycheck.”
Indiemunity.com, Erman Baradi

“It feels real and from the heart.”
Indie Music Reviews, Monty Zike

“…this is a band with an unique voice. The songwriter at the center of this experience, Jean-Paul Vest, has boundless promise as a writer and interpreter of his own songs.”
Bandblurb.com, Joshua Stryde

“When [Vest] and his band are rocking at maximum capacity there is little that can stop them.”
Allwhatsrock.com, Jay Snyder

“If deep rock n’ roll is your passion, Nine Kinds of Happy will fulfill your hunger.”
Rocknrollview.com, Robert Fulford
“This eight-song collection, however, balances lyrical complexity with considerable musical skill and the production surrounds the track with an elegiac, dreamlike atmosphere.”
Penweb, Jason Hillenburg
“This is an album for those who want to put it on, close their eyes and let the music simply wash over them.”
Vents magazine, Russell Hughes




“Somewhere between Sergio Leone and Neil Young’s Crazy Horse, between the dirt roads of Calexico and dark corners of Edgar Allen Poe, lies Coram’s Jean-Paul Vest, the driving force behind the Last Charge of the Light Horse’s sound; a tapestry of warm rhythms and jangling guitars rich with reverb shimmering on the edges. The melodies are pure steady motion—each hook its own worn, weathered red ‘57 Cadillac streaking toward the night on a one lane strip of lonely blacktop across the farthest corners of the mind.” — Long Island Pulse, Drew Moss


"Jean-Paul Vest’s Last Charge of the Light Horse brought to Acoustic Long Island one of the best shows in a long time. …Jean-Paul Vest is one of the more intelligent song writers out there. He has the poet’s true gift of turning the mundane, the ordinary, the daily ups and downs of life that we all face and transforming them into heartfelt songs. An ATM machine, the automobile, New Years Eve, all instantly become poetic images and iconography that resonate for the listener in a manner that only a gifted artist’s brush can accomplish.…The music was driving and exhilarating. Instantly, the audience was transported into a better place through lyrics that were consistently rich and haunting, self-reflective and honest."By the Bell